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These days there is no shortage of social media experts when it comes to forecasting severe weather. But very few of them get the chance to actually demonstrate their skill on a daily basis. Likewise, there is a multitude of students and weather enthusiasts yearning for severe weather forecasting experience beyond classroom exercises and hand-drawn forecast maps.

Armchair Forecaster is here to change that!

Armchair Forecaster is a free severe weather forecasting platform that allows everyone from professional meteorologists to weather enthusiasts try their hand at generating - and verifying - their own convective forecasts.

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Based on SPC convective outlooks, Armchair forecasts focus on predicting the probability of tornadoes, severe hail, and severe and damaging winds across the contiguous United States each day through the entire year. Utilize our ever-growing library of forecasting resources to make the optimal severe weather forecast, or challenge yourself by using nothing more than satellite and surface observations. The forecast is yours!

Verify and Track your Skills

Brier and composite scores are calculated daily and archived for each forecast based on real-life storm reports from the National Weather Service. Boost your scores as your forecasting skills improve!


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Want to be #1? Beat out the competition by climbing the daily and all-time ranks on the Armchair Leaderboard. Earn the right to wear the forecaster jerseys, and let all others bask in the glow of your forecasting superiority!